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Carol you look fabulous!  What fun photographing you.  I know your hubby will like these……Head over to my website to view a few more of Carol’s images in the Boudoir gallery.

Top Of The Rock

At the top of Rockefeller Plaza.  What an incredible view of New York! I’m not carrying a tripod around NY, so I’m just gonna set my camera down on the brick wall, keepin’ that strap around my neck though!

Kristine and Lady

It was Kristine’s birthday and she recently added a new member to her family so we had to include Lady in the picture.  What fun trying to get Lady to rest on Kristine’s shoulders, not the normal spot Lady is used too!

Baby Ezra

 It’s a cool Sunday, early afternoon, I pull up to this cute little house in an adorable neighborhood.  My husband is with me, he’s a great assistant, and we are going to take pictures of my niece, her beautiful family and new baby boy Ezra. Look at those big eyes, so wide open looking at… Read more »

Can’t Resist a Cute Baby!

Rylin’s mom is busy so I’m keeping an eye on her for awhile.  She looks so cute I can’t help grabbing my camera and setting her on the big black leather chair in my studio.  The light coming through the window is perfectly soft and diffused, so while she’s content  playing with her toes and… Read more »

Lily Rose

What fun it’s been watching Lily grow!  She’s 6 months old now and I can’t wait to see how much she changes when we get together for her 1 yr photo in March.I have a small window at one end of my studio where we had Lily sitting for her photo, but getting her to… Read more »